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Thread: Paint Shop Pro 7 Problem

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    Ive had paint shop pro 7 installed for a while now, i used the crack i got with it and that worked fine. But today when i opened paint shop pro 7 it says "You have exceeded your trial period. This evaluation will no longer function. Please click on the "Order" button to purchase your licensed version or the Quit button to exit". I tried uninstalling it and then installing it again but it doesnt work does any1 know what i can do to get it to run again?

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    A lot of the PSP cracks don't work because JASC seem to put out different undocumented versions or something. The trial is supposed to be 30 days and it looks like it's cracked after then but it'll stop working after about 60.

    Search for it on kazaa - FOSI used to have it on his site so there may well still be a around or something.
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    Originally posted by Smurfette@9 November 2003 - 17:19
    Search for it on kazaa - FOSI used to have it on his site so there may well still be a around or something.
    Ive found that file on kazaa but only one person has it and there not online

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    why not just download photoshop?

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    When I installed it, I had to put in a serial key I got with the download, I got it from BitTorrent, so try that,

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    if i download paint shop pro 8 from here will i be able to get a crack to work on it?

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    All the so-called "cracks" I have downloaded using the Astalavista search engine and Kazaa are CRAP. One was merely a little program telling me to "vote for some british soccer team" or something "bad" was going to happen to my system.

    I managed to download a version of PSP8 that requires no crack or serial to be ran what-so-ever.

    I do not know how, why or under what circumstances this occurred, however according to the program it is registered under my name "legally" at Jasc's website. And it did allow me to update to v8.10 and seems to give me access to all their "goodies" for registered subscribers/users.

    PSP, IMO, is basically the "beginners" or "noobs" version of a decent graphics editing application before going all-out for the more advanced Photoshop. So admittingly, I opted for it over Photoshop until I get the hang of how these programs work. I also have a very good key generator for Photoshop6 that I used when I had it installed briefly. It too allowed me to successfully register with Adobe and have unfettered access to their goodie bags.

    Just downloaded Photoshop CS/8 the other day. Kind of curious to see how the crack bundled in with the .RAR file fares. Specifically wondering if it will indeed open the program and if will recognize the app as a "legal" copy.


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