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Thread: Android Is Destroying Everyone, Especially RIM -- iPhone Dead In Water

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    "Android Is Destroying Everyone" a quote from Steve Jobs himself lol

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    way to go APPLE ... proprietarize your devises some more ... maybe more people will join .... NOT !!!

    Stupid locked devices ... only access it through iTunes .... GET BENT !!!

    Oh yeah ... screw AT&T while i'm at it !!!!! GO ANDROID !!!

    ok rant over
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    When the ipod started out they had a 1.5% charge for the licensing fee, when the device got popular they forced companies to pay 10% (the fu%$ers) now there crapping themselves and are dropping the fee to $4.
    They had a boom and got greedy in my opinion now there losing sales so there dropping it again.

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    But that is just the way Apple do business.
    They would invent something, suck up all the profit while they can, then move on and invent something else.

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    Without IPHONE there would be no ANDROID................

    Without IPAD there wouild not be 100 new shitty tablets this year..........

    they others are for people who cant afford the best.

    Get over it.

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    Apple didn't invent the tablet you muppet.

    It's 100% impossible for you to say there wouldn't be an Android OS without the Iphone. Android is based on Linux and Linux was made before Apple 'invented' the Iphone.

    Apple products are FAR from the best, they look nice and thats it. So many law suits against Apple for overpriced MP3 players due to reliability so worth doing some research ya fanboy

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    No mention of Symbian here, but I guess it's because it was never really relevant in the U.S. Also, Android or something equivalent was bound to be developed, Linux-based OSes have always been adapted to hardware capability.

    Apple didn't invent anything. They would like to give you the impression that they did, and if you find yourself saying that they invented or innovated, then well someone should inform you that you're a mark.

    My Galaxy S (stock) is beyond better than the current iPhone (stock), and you can usually get it cheaper. Now if you take an iPhone and run Android on it, you might level the playing field a bit. Apples OSes are what I feel makes them all pieces of crap.

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    No mention of Symbian here,
    It says 'Top Smartphone Platforms' so maybe Symbian doesn't cut it in the US. No Bada in there either but that's a new on anyway.

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    apple is for preppy sandal wearing fags .... there i said it.

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