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Thread: Article: Why I dumped Firefox for Chromium

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    More Firefox bashing eh?

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    I am still a Firefox fan, but I see this day coming for me very soon. (actually I am already installing Chromium to try it compared to Chrome).

    I also see me leaving uTorrent for another client at some point, at the moment I still use 2.0.4 (i hate the new versions)..

    Okay installed
    installed it, got adblock plus, xmarks and lastpass going. Dont even need to import anything that way. Lets see how long I can use it before I get annoyed and go back to Firefox.

    But so far I can tell it is better resource wise than firefox (and I had the same addons) It was able to me opening like 80 tabs at once to different sites.. I find it annoying it runs in separate processes, but I figure that is a good thing. (reminds me of ps -e and seeing apache 150 times).

    Anyway so far it looks like firefox might have just lost me. I will keep it installed for if I need it situations.. but....
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    Firefox for me.
    Google are to much like the stasi for me,they keep your ip searches and info on there servers for 18 months.
    I'm pretty sure even though they say chrome doesn't keep any Info about you or google,pretty sure that is bnlls#!t.
    Firefox has become a bit overblown and slow,even with the new update,but they are telling all the developers to speedup there addons to maximize for speed.
    If you do find your firefox a bit slow, just find out which addon is at fault and disable it.
    The problem I have with firefox is the sad problem its had for many years with it memory leaking, but a simple addon called memory fox sorts that out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duke0102 View Post
    More Firefox bashing eh?
    while i've been a loyal customer(?) chrome is looking more and more default imo. tbh, the only thing i'm waiting on in chrome is a better adblocker. shit still gets thru.
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    Chromium seems an awful lot of download size.Or am I missing something?
    I wanna check it out as firefox memory problems is getting me down.

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    Easy way to install Chromium:

    1. Download & install:
    2. Run it, it will 'update' aka install Chromium for you.


    I started trying it as my default browser yesterday. Not sure I will keep it yet, but I am having less issues than FireFox. I am aware addons in firefox can cause issues, in my case eliminated them as the cause. FireFox memory leaks and can not handle as much as Chromium, at least the way I use it. I still love several addons for FireFox and will keep it around for that or when Chromium finally ticks me off.

    In any event I am quite happy FireFox, Chromium, etc exists. Sure is a better day than when IE 4 took 90%+ of the browser market.

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    Firefox Forever.....
    Variety of ADDON'S they offer are a huge bonus....
    Can't live without them..........


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