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Thread: Zap 4

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    I downloaded ZAP from zonealarm's website (trial version) and cracked it with the keys i downloaded form klite..everything seemed to work just fine except when i looked at the says that mine has expired. my version is and i think this ZAP file i got from klite is the only file..just wondering if anyone else here experienced this.. tia

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    looks like a black listed serial, just get another one mate

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    You have cracked the free version with a key, thereby allowing you to use the Pro features. However, you do not have a paid registered account on Zone Labs server, so it will report to you that your subscription has expired. As far as i know, there is no way around this.

    You do have the most up to date version however, and you can always download the free version again when a future update comes out, and enter another 'dodgy' key. You would of course have to uninstall your current version.

    Thought i'd get that in before the stampede of the sygate massive begins.

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    thanks for the info guys. i think Ltj said might be correct. i guess i'll just have to wait and see what happens with this as i really do like this new ZAP

    Thought i'd get that in before the stampede of the sygate massive begins

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    Usually by now people would be frothing how good Sygate is, and how shit ZA is.

    Either or IMO, they're both good.

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    just downloaded NIS 2004.. how does this compared to my NAV Corp and ZAP? i like NAV Corp's unlimited free virus updates

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    well ZAP just came up and wants me to pay up for the subscription.i said heck with them and went with Sygate Pro 5.5, i was able to crack this trial and from the looks of subscription will be needed

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    i download ZAP 4 trial from their website. i used a key from serials. ws and it became like the normal version. right now it was telling me to update and that i had to get a subscription for like $20. i downloaded another trial, this one is 4.5 and i was thinking that i had to get another serial. but no, it installed and it works perfectly. mines sayin that i have version 4.5.530.000 and then it lists my license number and says that i have a Full License Version. it also says that i have Unlimited product support and updates available. i guess the key was already in the registry and by downloading the new trial, it was like i was just getting the update.

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    drodri18 hey i did exactly like you said. i did see the version i have is the working full one but on the update button it says Unlimited support avaliable but the button on the right hand side says renew does yours say this? i think the button needs to say update or something...

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    No it should say renew. In the Support and Information box, it will also say Product Update Service expires in xxx days. How many days do you have displayed? If there are days there, such as 365, then you have access to updates.

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