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Thread: Anyone got an invite to a music tracker they could spare?

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    Don't have anything to trade in return so I'd appreciate it if you could help me out. It'd also be best if the tracker has a good selection of hip-hop/rap, as that's what I'm gonna be downloading most of the time. Here's my ratios from the two sites I frequent:




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    Supertorrents have just opened their gates (see the bittorrent forums for details). Their sister site STMusic merged with them a while ago and is actually a pretty good music tracker. The site is designed in a way that accessing the music section is like browsing a different site, a dedicated music tracker. You may want to check it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nickthestick91 View Post
    Don't have anything to trade
    ...which you shouldn't be doing, anyway.

    If you want a good general music tracker, then click here and read the page carefully. You also mentioned being mostly into hip-hop/rap and if I remember correctly there was a good niche tracker for that, may want to search a bit.
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    So you are showing us two sites you traded for, that most likely had a good buffer before you traded for them. lol

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    Actually, considering his account is from 05 and he doesn't post often, I bet he doesn't know how faux pas trading is now. (I don't really care either way and I've traded back in the day with well known bt individuals and staff).

    He probably didn't just trade into FTN and TL to buffer the accounts since he posted about FTN dropping ratio in 2007. Man, I remember how awesomely revolutionary that was. I should drop by irc and reclaim my account one day.

    I have a what invite apparently even though I never use my new account (yes I broke the one account per lifetime rule when I went looking for the Yo Yo Ma Out of the Box set). Btw, don't they prune at what?

    Pm me your email address and I'll send it. If it takes me a few days to see it, that's because it's Friday. Link related:
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