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Thread: Uncharted 2 was overrated

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    Okay, since I heard that Uncharted 2 is the greatest game for the ps3, I decided to buy it. The graphics in the game are top-notch; they are the best graphics I ever witnessed in a ps3 game. However, the gameplay in Uncharted 2 was overrated. First of all, it's not really an action/adventure game; it's rather a pure action game. Yes, the protagonist in the game travels to different places, but it still can't be called an adventure game. It has the most difficult missions than any other ps3 game I ever played (though it would be hard for me to really compare it with other games since I played only a few other ps3 games) and I played the game using the normal difficulty mode (the other modes are crushing, easy, and hard, but I never played them yet). The main story in the game is really good, but as I said, the game play itself was overrated. Maybe I find it overrated because the game play is just too linear for my tastes; you can't choose in the game what mission you wanna do first. Also, I am a fan of open-world games and Uncharted 2 is not open-world at all. Also, the game play sometimes gets repetitive in UC 2. Yes, the game play may also seem repetitive in RDR and GTA IV, but in a completely different sense. Maybe it would be wrong to compare UC 2 with open world games, but still... Don't get me wrong, UC 2 is an excellent game and I will definitely play it again using the hard mode, but I still believe that games such as RDR and GTA IV are better games than UC 2, even though they are less challenging.
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    games has intentionally overrated these days to promote selling


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