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Thread: Giganews to open 'cyber-locker' service

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    From Giganews:

    We’ve heard from a large percentage of our members that they want an online, secure, personal storage service from Giganews. As a member of Giganews you have come to expect us to deliver constant service improvements and new products and services. Our members feel no other service provider in the world matches our uptime, speed and dedication to privacy and security. That combination of service qualities is currently missing from the personal storage market, and our members know we can deliver.

    We have heard our customers, and are proud to announce that the development of a personal storage service for Giganews members has started. We have been doing public "cloud storage" many years before the term was coined and well before “cloud storage” was “cool” with our globally distributed Usenet clusters. As part of this project, we would like to again solicit Giganews members’ feedback about features we are working on. In the upcoming weeks we will be reaching out to you with questions, updates and ultimately a request for beta testers. As always, our Diamond members will get first access to our personal storage product.


    Giganews won't be the first usenet provider to offer a cloud/cyber-locker service. Last month NewsDemon users got a surprise: the files people were storing in what was supposed to be a private locker were publicly accessible, almost like a public FTP or file-hosting site.

    ... just a thought ... but judging by this Giganews announcement, it would appear that a lot of Giganews customers are asking the company to raise prices and throw in more bells and whistles that have absolutely nothing to do with usenet service. (unless Giganews plans to offer direct downloading, media streaming, and file-posting onto Usenet from a person's cyber-locker - but I wouldn't hold my breath on that hypothetical feature)

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    Giganews,stop fucking around

    Move your office and main servers to DMCA FREE zone
    Learn from astraweb

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    Gigas trying to be a hipster by the sounds of it.

    We have been doing public "cloud storage" many years before the term was coined and well before “cloud storage” was “cool”


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