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Thread: Article: Pirate Hard Drive Offers Infinite Capacity

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    I was reading about this, crazy stuff lol the lack of noise/vibration should be a give away though

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    this is hardly new. this scam has been going on through ebay for years. they reprogram small capacity flash drives to report a larger size and sell them.

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    At least it is not a ROM DRIVE

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    u get what you paid for

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    I was scammed on a flash drive once, not on eBay of course. I got scammed on a 64 GB flash drive at an electronics boutique in an upscale indoor marketplace (like a mini mall) in Beijing. I thought it was a steal after I haggled from $60 to about $30 (around 200 RMB). I spent all that time arguing with the girl just to by a defective product, man that's a shitty feeling.


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