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Thread: Article: Microsoft and Toyota Use Cloud to Connect Cars, Homes and Users

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    Hmmm! Lets see? A Company known for its security holes, and a Company known for its safety. Put them together and you have a safe and secure car in the clouds. DOH!

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    Wow.. Microsoft are really running with the ""cloud"" jargon bull.
    I thought someone already invented the cloud , or was that the internet with servers. has a great text editing "cloud" , that I am using now.

    OMG.. it's that super ... new fangled , techno advanced , fresher than ipads ,"cloud computing" that formats my text.

    "cloud" , "cloud" , "cloud" , "cloud" , "cloud" , give it a rest already !
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    Cloud computing has no real source/creator but has been dated back to theories in the 1960's so Cloud is nothing new
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