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Thread: Best free Newsreader

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    Hello friends
    I been using newsrover for many years am happy with it but its come to that time in the year when they are asking for my renewal. So before i put my hand in my pocket i am wondering if anyone can recomend a free newsreader.
    I use giganews and mainly download movies and tv shows but have been known to view the odd Pic.

    So i ask my fellow Talkers any advice


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    Thunderbird - LOL
    Digital World...You can't handle the Digital World! What did your Mom buy you a PUTER for Christmas!

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    Thanks will check it out

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    Nobody else using Alt.binz? Any reason I should switch from Alt.binz to sabnzbd?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjmacky View Post
    Nobody else using Alt.binz? Any reason I should switch from Alt.binz to sabnzbd?
    Its completely free - no mandatory donations for the latest version. SABnzbd also is actively maintained and has many cool features. Check it out yourself and see if you like it:

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    There are quite a few decent free NZB downloaders - Sabnzbd and alt.binz(0.25) as mentioned above, and also NiouzeFire, Newsflash, NNTPgrab, Binreader, Grabit, HelloNZB, Ninan, and many more I can't think of right now. It all boils down to the features and characteristics that are important to YOU.

    I'd rank Sabnzbd as probably the best free opensource NZB downloader.

    These are not proper newsreaders though, as NZB downloaders don't do headers and even the few binary grabbers in the list that fetch headers won't view pictures. But practically ANY free newsreader does those tasks quite well.
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    it looks like im going to have to Pay for newsrover again as i like to download headers and look at pictures. I have tested Sabnzbd and its great. easy to use and perfect for downloading films but i need it to do more so guess im having to shell out $24

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    Boss, I think you're making a big mistake if you're planning to pay $24 for News Rover just to view pictures.

    There are literally hundreds of different newsreaders -many of them free- ones that were designed the old-fashioned way; with functions such as fetching headers and viewing pictures.

    Here's a partial list of some of them, the ones marked "traditional newsreader" or "combination" are the type you want:

    In case anyone might be wondering why I'm posting a link to a three year old Wikipedia page, it's because the Wikidiots that control Wikipedia have deleted most of the list in the current version of the page. Note all the titles in red - all had their own Wikipedia pages at one time, before these newsreaders got declared "not notable" and deleted. (and it seems that once a topic gets its wiki page deleted, it will be deleted from all "list" and "categories" pages as well) Some pages, like Newsleecher, have been deleted and later re-created probably several times over. In time, the Wikidiots will almost certainly delete this page also, as it's considered "unreferenced" - and there's practically zero chance any Wikidiots would actually install the software and see for themselves if it does what the article says it does. Ok, enough of my ranting, it's more than obvious I'm not happy with what wikipedia has turned into.

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