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    i use utorrent on windows 7, and until now its worked perfectly. at around 85% done, my one and only active download went from active to queued. after a few moments of confusion, i looked to the bottom of my window and on the bottom bar about in the middle it has a red circle with an exclamation mark in the middle, next to "stopped by user activity", and to the right of that it says "DHT:disabled". after right clicking it and checking "enable DHT", it still says that it is disabled on the bottom bar. this has drastically slowed my average download speed from 80-150 to 0-3. i have been having to force start it, which only helps temporarily.
    it is the only download in the queue, so changing priority wont help.
    im stumped. help?

    and all my limits on DL/UL speed and capacity are beyond fine.
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    Is Preferences -> Bandwidth -> "Stop transfers on user interaction" ticked?
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