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Thread: Cinemageddon 4 years! Therefore, a full week of freeleech!

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    Happy Birthday To Us by ShadyGuy at 18-04-11

    Today marks the 4th year of Cinemageddon's existence, and we will be celebrating it with a full week of freeleech starting right now. Go go go!
    Cinemageddon (CG) is a well known private torrent tracker that specializes in B-movies, horror flicks and other rare/cult movies.

    When it comes to cult movie trackers, CG is probably the largest and the most content rich tracker currently online. It has close to 65000 torrents and around 20000 active members. It’s content mostly comprise of B-Movies, horror movies, kung-fu and martial arts related flicks, older comedy movies such as the ‘Carry on’ series, etc. Video and audio quality of films on CG are generally good – these range from VHSRip, TVRip, DVDRip to untouched DVD-R. In addition to the movie torrents Cinemageddon tracks OSTs (official soundtracks) as well. Most of the content on this tracker are older, rare and rather unknown stuff you’ll probably never find on any other torrent site.

    Cinemageddon (
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    This is a very good tracker.

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    You know there is a thread specifically for this sort of thing so you don't continually have to create new ones .

    Also in light of your other predilection one for this .

    No offfense but doing this sort of renders the whole " staff considers both newsworthy to the extent of creating a sticky thing" pointless.
    It's all Meg's fault.

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    I remember joining around when they started. Has it already been 4 years? wow.

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    Due to the raping our server is currently undergoing I have not been able to send any of you a personal thank you message without seeing a rhinoceros pop up. So for those of you who have donated money during this freeleech period, I thank you. You'll automatically receive your credits when our system updates user credits.

    Rest assured your money will be put to good use. I'm planning to get a new server from your donations, which will hopefully help in getting this problem out of the way for the next freeleech period.



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