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Thread: Emule F.a.q.

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    eMule Options to Lower CPU/Resources. (7/25/03)

    Here are some tips to tweak eMule so that uses less resources.


    General Tab:

    1) Uncheck Show Splashscreen.


    1) Slide the Progressbar Style to Flat.
    2) Uncheck Show Transferrates on Title.
    3) Uncheck Show download info on Catagory Tabs.
    4) Check Disable Known Client List.
    5) Check Disable Queuel List.
    6) Check Don't Recreate Static Graph on Resize.


    1) Uncheck Show Overhead Bandwidth.
    2) Close all programs that are currently using your internet connection. Go to a site that can check your bandwidth and test your connection. For example, a DSL connection might get results like 1200 down/ 110 up.. Now, click on the wizard button. Select one of the three settings for Concurent Downloads. Then enter in the results of your bandwidth test into the True Download Bandwidth box and True Upload Bandwidth box. Press apply


    1) Check Remove Dead Server After __ Retries. Also set the number of retires to 1.


    1) Increase the delay times for the things you don't montor as much. (Graphs Update delay, Statistics Tree update delay).
    2) If you don't use the graphs at all.. Slide the Graphs Update delay all the way to the left for disable.
    3) If you don't use the statistics at all. Slide the Statistic Tree delay all the way to the left to disable them.

    Extended Settings:
    1) Uncheck Verbose(additional program feedback)
    2) Slide the Queue Size to the left.

    Number of files downloading

    Also, try not to download a huge amount of files at once. eMule has to try to handle all these files and sources at once. This can also get you banned by some servers.


    Be aware that software firewalls usually don't like P2P's. They were not intended to have to monitor the amount of traffic a P2P generates. Although ZoneAlarm is a great firewall, it can consume a lot of memory and hog your CPU (Or even freeze your system) trying to keep up.

    Hope this helps some out there.. Good luck.

    Posted by Unknown1 on eMule-Board

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    Why are my Downloads so slow. (7/22/03)

    Connection speed settings:

    The first thing you must do is find out how fast your connection really is. One place you can try is Broadband Reports. Make sure you shut down any program that uses the internet before starting the test. You will recieve two results. One for your download speed and one upload speed. For example, a DSL may recieve 1220 download and 110 upload. Then go into eMules Preferences and click on Connection. Within the Connection window, click the Wizard button. At the bottom of the wizard screen, enter your results from the test you just did. Press apply.

    If you know what kind of connection you have, it is still highly recommend that you type these valuse within the wizard since it also sets up all the other network settings to match your connection.

    Warning: If you do NOT take the time to set these setting or feel like setting some of these values to very high settings, you will not have a good experience with eMule! If you set your upload to high, this will actually cause your downloads to be very slow. Also, setting the max sources and max connections to high values can cause your internet connection to die forcing you to reboot your machine and/or router.


    Another problem you may be having is that people are not able to "see" you. This means that your client being firewalled and you will recieve a LowID. Although you can still download like this, it does limit you some. Here is a link to better info one this.

    Supply and Demand

    The fact is, total upload = total download within a network. A large portion of the users in the network are DSL type users with connections that can download at speeds over 100Kb/s but can only upload at about 12Kb/s. So, lets say this is a perfect world and everyone is uploading at their max of 12Kb/s. This means everyone is downloading at 12Kb/s no matter how fast you are capable of downloading!! But this isn't a perfect world. So, sometimes you will download at a fast pace and the expense of someone else downloading at a slower pace.. And at other times, you will download at a slow pace, while others download at a fast pace.

    A basic overview of the ED2K network:

    Many people will still complain that they can download with amazing speeds on other networks and not on eMule. This is because the content on the two networks are completely different. eMule's content is full of very large files. Transfering very large files to a lot of users in a reliable fashion is very hard. For example, downloading a large file with Kazaa is very unreliable. You may start off with a fast transfer, but if that person disconnects, your download is a waste. Also the data youre downloading can get corrupted, and you have no way of knowing if the file is free from errors.
    So, why is eMule better at this? I'll try to break it down with a very basic example which would work only in a perfect world, but gets the point across.


    Lets say I want to share a semi large file, 144MB and I have a 30K connection and 16 people are wanting the file. eMule will break this file into 16 parts of 9MBs each. Now, instead of uploading the entire file to one person at a fast speed, I upload to about 8 users at a slower speed. Each of these people should be downloading a different part of the file. Once these initial uploads recieve 9MB, I send them back to the queue and start uploading to the other 8 users. Since those first 8 users recieve 9MB (or a complete chunk), they now start uploading that chunk to everyone else wanting the file. When the second set of 8 users finish downloading 9MB, they are put back on the queue. Now, if everyone downloaded a different 9MB chunk from me, I have just uploaded 16 chunks (The whole file) into the network and could even unshare the file since I also now have 16 users helping me share it. Now, this means that everyone gets the files slower, but they ALL get the file even if I leave the network.. So, after I upload 300MB, I disconnect. After I disconnect, more people see this file and want it. They can still get it because they find 16 other sources of that file still one the network and they themselves quickly become sources to others that want it.

    Other networks

    Again, I want to share a semi large file, 144MB and I have a 30K connection and 16 people are wanting the file. I start uploading that file to one of the people wanting the file. This persons downloads at pretty fast speed.. But, when he finishes the download, he disconnects so he can use it. I upload to the next person real fast and he completes it. He stays on a bit and begins to share it to one other users. I also begin to upload to the next user.. But I disconnect at 300MB.. This leaves only one person able to share that file in the network and this person doesn't stay on long either since he has the complete file. Now, only two people got the whole file, and 2 others only have part of the file. The file isis now dead to the network and nobody else can get it.

    Posted bu Unknown1 on eMule board

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    lol...keep them coming...!

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    A good one..or an easier way.Right click a file you're downloading,goto web services,and theres a link to emule & emule plus f.a.q.

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    Heres my guide to a few things, I hope it helps people. If there anything i missed, or wrong, tell me and I'll edit it.

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    static hum
    or just go to the fucking emule homepage

    this post is guaranteed 100% parrot-free

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    I wonder if there is any way of converting a ed2k link to sig2dat in order for kazaa to do the download and not emule. I mean you can make both links in kazaa K-sig.

    The problem is, I have 56k connection and the download speed is very low if I am lucky enough to start downloading, and Kazaa downloads better in my case.

    Thanks to all!

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    not as far as i know.

    You could wait till someone releases the mule files on kazaa then gives the hashes, but i wouldnt rely on it happening for all of the files you'd want.

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    I know mate ,emule would suck for 56k...I just put a 701mb iso file on lunch should finish,tops at 8,00..not bad for emule.

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