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Thread: A List Of Verified Direct Downloads

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    pm me if u want links

    Counter Strike This is Counter Strike... The full game.
    GTA 1 Grand Theft Auto 1...Note: open up the setting before you open the game or u will get an error the first time u try to play. After that it will open normal. X
    Fifa 2003 1/2 Fifa 2003 1st cd ... X
    Fifa 2003 2/2 Fifa 2003 2nd cd... X
    Command & Conquer - GOLD Command and conquer gold edition
    Command & Conquer: Renegade Command & Conquer: Renegade is a fast-paced, 3-D action game set in the gripping Command & Conquer universe.
    Diablo 2 + L.O.D Expansion an RPG Game.

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    wrong place n00b

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    im far from a "n00b"... lol ur probably some ten year old

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    common guys he was just trying to contribute

    Lakers7326 buddy just post the hash to your games in the verifieds please thanx for the contributation

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    if u are far from a n00b then why didnt u post this in verified?

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    Casue these are ftp links that are liek 300 k a secound depending on which one

    .... if u want the link im not sure if its allowed for me to paste i dunno these forum rules


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