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Thread: Team Fortress Classic: See Through Walls?

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    This is sort of a weird problem for me on TFC. I haven't played TFC in a long time after my PC reformatted, so I decided to reinstall it again, but instead of using a key I get from my Platinum edition, I used a key that I got from someone else. The funny thing is that it worked. But the weird problem is that at times when I join a server, I could see through my walls, giving me a huge advantage over everyone else. If I can't see through the walls, all I do is click ESC and reenter the game, and my walls are see through. :S This has been bad for me, since I'm being banned from a lot of the servers I go to for this because they think I'm cheating. But I never even downloaded any cheats or hacks!!! Does anyone know what's wrong with my game? BTW, I'm still using the WONID servers.

    And sorry if this is posted twice already.

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    personally, i've always rolled my eye's when some newb whined and acused another of having some wall hack.

    uninstall the game and make sure anything related to it gets wiped as well... perhapps there's some user.config or something floating around somewhere... maybe docs and settings... reinstall without switching the serial...

    i'm sure you've already done all of this but that's all I got.

    as a last resort, and if you're determined enough. reformat. I'm sure that'll do it.

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    Try reinstalling the game.
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    Well I reinstalled the game with the old key I used. Didn&#39;t work. But then I found out it was my Direct3D video settings causing this. :S So I switched to OpenGL and it fixed the problem.

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    Direct3D is garbage for Half-Life based games. using openGL, the water in TFC is murky and you can only see a few paces ahead of you... but with Direct3D it&#39;s almost completely transparent so that you can actually snipe underwater if you want to.


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