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    fucked up 3 cds

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    Ive had that happen a few times too me, but I cant remember how it fixed itself.
    Ive got a 52x burner...
    maybe you could try turning the burning speed down?

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    maybe you can grow up to the real burning program like nero or alcohol 120%

    roxico is the worest and I was under the impression n00bs use cause they don't know any better

    why do you use it

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    Cause Nero is just as gay...I use dvd-decrypter for burning dvd's but im on the lookout for a new burning program..with any luck someone will mention a few programs in this thread

    @muchspl...Alcohol120% doesnt work with all burners much to my dismay

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    i just like roxio for vcd menu's and it has the thing at the bottom on audio that tells u how much is there

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    I really like the interface and features that Roxio 6 cant download a trial version of roxio and crack it with a dodgy serial like
    Nero have released too much dodgy shit lately with there problematic overburn patch

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    I suppose you installed the XP compatibility patch for roxio?

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    Get XP-AntiSpy (freeware - turns off a lot of M$ big brother shit) so you don't have those gay report this error to M$ popups.


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