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Thread: What Is This Code For ? ?

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    CRC ?? ive seen some places with crc codes ? how do i use them to download?

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    Cyclic Redundancy Check.

    The CRC is a very powerful but easily implemented technique to obtain data reliability. The CRC technique is used to protect blocks of data called Frames. Using this technique, the transmitter appends an extra n- bit sequence to every frame called Frame Check Sequence (FCS). The FCS holds redundant information about the frame that helps the transmitter detect errors in the frame. The CRC is one of the most used techniques for error detection in data communications. The technique gained its popularity because it combines three advantages:

    Extreme error detection capabilities.
    Little overhead.
    Ease of implementation.
    Most compression tools have the crc check built in. winzip is a pain in the ass with it's crc errors reporting.

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    so how do i download with it ?

    i found some sites that still have downloads for ikkitousen, but it just sais *DOWNLOAD CRC* and when i click it i get all this other stuff. like the name of it and the size and some other codes like below.

    Released Date: 10/16/2003
    CRC: D097C4DC
    File Size: 245127168
    Download SFV

    when i click download sfv it just shows this,

    ; Generated by QuickSFV v2.22 on 2003-10-20 at 11:28:14
    ; 245127168 22:45.05 2003-10-15 [XF]Ikkitousen_-_Ep_08[D097C4DC].avi
    [XF]Ikkitousen_-_Ep_08[D097C4DC].avi D097C4DC

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    You don't "download with it". There may be some stand alone app that would allow you to run the crc against the actual downloads but it would be a waste of effort because like I said, most compression tools do include this check.

    These files are probably like the md5 sums used to verify a clean linux iso download. If not, then the crc info may be just that, info. What file sizes are you looking at? Is it reasonable to assume the info is to be used after downloading the actual file o0r is this a text file showing you what to look for?


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