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Thread: Gta Vice City Bug

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    Hey i was playing vice city just then and i picked up this car below.

    After i got in it, the car just started to drive itself

    I dont know if its because of the way i got the car, but i stoood on the car and shot once so the person jumps out then while on the car i pressed enter to get in it and then the car started driving itself and i couldnt do anything but sit their

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    welcome to vice city

    thats the best part, finding glitches

    try running and jumping into a motorcycle or drive the bike into the store by the laundry mat, then jump on the bike, you fall throe to a different dimension
    then kinda fall from the sky, really cool

    also drive a golf cart into the malibu the drive out, crazy dark world

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    hehe ill try them out

    Havent they heard of BETA testers ?? to like, test the game before releasing it ??

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    Yeh but wouldn't that take away from us finding them?

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    once i found a lightless cab

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    cops were shooting each other once, no cheats applied very strange, but very funny!!!

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    i like it when you run over some1 and like a croud groups over the victom and every1s just like oh my n shit

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    This is a weird one....

    Get on a PCJ and go into the place where the red track suit in and park your PCJ over the icon, get off it and Tommy becomes the PCJ..its fuckin weird.

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    if u play the game, u get no sound. Now thats a bug!!


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