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Thread: Es5 - Please ?

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    can someone give me the site link download for this please?

    edit: sorry my bad, wrong section, plz move to request.

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    that just brings me to the main kazaa forum page?

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    link fixed !

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    i dont want to read all that. i just want a download link.

    is there a download link or not>?

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    Es5 is bad, mmmkay.

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    is there a download link that anyone knows off ? the link i found on google does work it just sits there.

    dont post anything else, just post a download link if you have one. if you dont, then dont post.

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    Just type es5 into your browser and add .com That should take you to their download page.

    Try it and decide for yourself if it is any good.

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    i said i already tried the link from there main site and it doesnt work.

    is there any other links?

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