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Thread: Watching videos from my network on netbook is Slow/Choppy

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    I have my video files on my desktop computer, and I play them from netbook. It will play for little then pause and continue playing over and over. I never had this problem before, but I switched OS's and now it's a problem. Went back to the original OS and it has the same problem now. Tried different players (media player classic and VLC) and on both Windows and Ubuntu. It played better on Ubuntu but I am currently using windows and I would really like it to play normal. I tried Google but all it gives me is streaming YouTube sites, and that is not my problem. I have the folders shared on the network, maybe there's a setting I have wrong?

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    If you're using your Netbook's internal wireless network adapter, I would say that is most likely the culprit. I imagine you're using Samba implementation (i.e. windows networking), perhaps give NFS a try. From a hardware point of view, upgrading the router, or getting a USB stick to serve your wireless needs on the netbook should yield a better/faster connection for media streaming. I would also recommend not just using Wireless N, but simultaneous dual-N band at the least. I was able to transfer files wirelessly on my network up to 17 MB/s (that's 136 Mbps) under the Win7 Samba protocol. That of course is the record and not the norm, but usually better than 100 Mbit ethernet ever gave me. Of course, only one of the computers was wireless, the other was Gbit connected. Hope that gets you started.


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