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Thread: what games are you playing right now?

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    Guitar and Bass~~

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    Fifa 18 lol

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    Mutant Year Zero - Road To Eden

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    Lots of, to be honest. I play almost every day for the past few years

    Talking about PC gaming - CSGO, Rainbow Six, PUBG, but mostly - DoTA 2. Since I figured out that you can play your fav game, develop your skills and earn SO MUCH money (you can check out any big tournament's prize pool to understand), I'm really curious to reach this level and maybe sometime join one of those teams from the top of industry. Wish me good luck?

    I also do have a PS4 -- right now i'm beating gods asses in God of War 4, such an amazing game

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    Not even sure if this post is still alive, it seems older than my dog. Anyhow, I am currently playing Assassin's Creed: Rogue on the computer. Such an amazing game and a different take from the other Assassin's Creed games.

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    Moved the last posts from the other thread to this one for the purposes of good housekeeping

    As for me, so many eroge, so little time
    "Come visit sometime, okay? We'll always be here for you. We... we all love you."

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    based in UK
    Last of Us, Fallout 4

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    PUBG Mobile is on Highest Priority.

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    Red Dead Redemption and Smash!

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