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Thread: Challenge: Find My Girl.........

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    It's true.

    There is a picture on a very ancient page i made long time ago.........

    Don't be scared; it's arty semi-nude, but decent!! (and i'm not crazy, she's not recognizable....)

    If someone is able to come up with that page, i will post the picture here.......

    Only clue you get is: MP3MP3.

    Other clues are in a lot of my posts.........

    Happy hunting.........


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    eeekkk....someones in trouble.

    mind the rolling pin, SG.
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    i found this on one of your posts. is she the one on the right? j/k

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    i've searched far an wide, and this is the only arty picture i could find that you had posted


    other finds did include the actual lady in question, but she is just riding a horse, and one where she is sitting beside a hour with a black box covering her eyes.

    so i don't win

    edit - is it a trick question. are your horses also female and you refer to them as "my girl" also. and a horse is almost naked, apart from their hair of course.

    i still don't think i win though

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    No, it's no trick question.
    It's not one of my horses.
    It's not the lady with the "black box".
    The pic is NOT in one of my posts.

    And it's absolutely worth looking at.......


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