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Thread: Funny Video!

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    just found it funny - it was called "monsterschwanz" or englisch "monster cock"
    hehe... but it looks like an alien!!! as seen in movie Alien ;)

    thanks anyway, david.

    ~nice dreams...

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    yep, I know I should put into funny stuff - I would be gald to see any mod put
    it in funny area

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    I'm not sure it belongs in "Funny Stuff" either...

    Perhaps Hardware World?
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    Hardware ? or Hardcore - hehe...

    but it indeed looks like the alien coming from your stomach...
    in the alien film... hehehe...

    I found it by looking in someones shared...
    ...and first did not know if it is funny or seriously...

    ~nice dreams...


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