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Thread: Vice City - Help!

  1. #1 That I have it installed it I get NO sound (and I dont just mean the cutscenes..I mean sound period.) IN options menu it says "No Audio Hardware Selected" or something, So i can't even get to the audo options. Others who installed this rip had some similiar problems, so does any1 know how to go about fixing it? I got SB LIVE 5.1 Gamer but I don't think its my audio card. Any help?
    I had a RIP so I dunno... I need some assistance in getting the sound to work. Plz help.

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    I had that same problem - have you tried restarting? I think that that was how I fixed it. Restart your computer, and close any programs that maybe be using your soundcard.

    Hope This Helps!

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    Alright I got updated drivers and I restarted ... no luck. Then I read the instructions AGAIN and saw this:
    1) Launch "Unpak.bat" to unpack datas.
    2) Launch "gta-vc.exe", when you get a black screen, press left
    mouse button.
    3) Enjoy baby!!

    I pressed left button when it goes black and now when i go to Options audio IS availible, but as soon as i clik on it, it freezes. Also when I play w/o going to options there is no sound still. any ideas?

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    I found this on another Forum: Anyone have experience with this?

    i toled u 2 run the Fucking TecAudio file For 30 Fucking min and dont look at it
    cuz if u look at it u'll think it dosnt work and u'll Close it

    Dumbass Just Run "TeacAudio" for 40 or 30 MIN not sec

    it well go like this

    1st it well pacth the files

    after it well say converting || the Blinking |

    after 5 min of that it will start typing:

    som text i 4got for 25 min

    after that it well be a Black 100% Black Dos that click on the dos not close click on the dark black exte than ur done than u have the No audio hardwher Open and working

    Fucker Enjoy

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    ne1? I think there is a tecaudio.bat in my GTA i run that for 40 minuteS?

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    no1's used the Tecnic release?

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    I've been trying everything, GameCopyWorld's fake AUDIO files, doin cracks, no cd patches...nothing works. I guess Copy-Right protection really has bested us Argh..I don't know where too look anymore....does ANYONE have any experience with the AUDIO not working? PM ME or POST HERE PLZ!!

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    fawked up game...its currypt

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    ;(.......... R U SURE?!?!

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