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Thread: Ram

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    I'm looking for (around) the best RAM I can get, at the best value. Now i've read the "pinned" post, but seeing as that I don't know much of anything, I shall post it here, and hopefully others like me shall benefit. Ok, I shall start with my local Best Buy. They're advertising "Kingston" 512MB PC2100 DDR RAM for $54.99 (after a $30 mail-in rebate). Also, they have the 512MB HyperX PC4000 RAM for $119.99 (after a $10 mail-in rebate). Now, i've got two slots in my system, so theres a good chance id get 2 (either 2 PC2100's, or 1 PC4000 and a PC2100, obviously because of the $&#036. So thats what their advertising, but hopefully you guys could give me some other ideas on something cheaper/better. Thanks!

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    Originally posted by opivykid@10 November 2003 - 20:14
    either 2 PC2100's, or 1 PC4000 and a PC2100
    you shouldn't mix speeds...

    what cpu have you got?
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    more to the point, what RAM speeds does the motherboard support?

    is PC 4000 even a real standard, or is that just PC 3200 for overclockers?

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    I&#39;d really be leery of the stuff that the big chains sell at bargain basement prices.

    Most manufacturors make different grades of the same RAM and what you find on sale for cheap is the stuff that barely meets the designated spec.
    That means that the second you try to tighten up your memory timings or up the clock on your chip the RAM says sayanora.

    Look into Mushkin RAM.
    Their only two grades are "very good" and "kick ass superior".
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    PC4000 is a real, PC4200 is the highest I&#39;ve seen so far for DDR.

    And you can mix memory speeds, it won&#39;t hurt anything, but it&#39;s pointless, cuz its all ram is going to run at the slowest mems speed, Your just waisting money to mix speeds.
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    What motherboard is this ram for?

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    Originally posted by bob_the_alien@10 November 2003 - 12:40
    PC4000 is a real, PC4200 is the highest I&#39;ve seen so far for DDR.
    i didn&#39;t mean "do companies sell PC 4000," i meant "do motherboard companies officially support anything higher than PC 3200" (i.e. if you buy anything higher, all you&#39;re buying is headroom for overclocking).

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    - Ok then, i wont mix speeds, thanks for the heads-up

    - Im really not too sure about the specifics, but I&#39;ve got a athelon 2.13 gb processer, and i run XP, if that helps anything, and to tell you the truth, I have no idea what motherboard I have, all I know is that its fairly new, and the computer is a Compaq Presario PC

    - So where exactly should I get it? Im seeing from what you people are saying, that I should steer clear away from Best Buy, which is fine by me. So if you could tell me where exactly I should get it from, and what to buy, I would be very thankful.

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    use a program like CPU-Z to find out what kind of RAM you have already, then just get some more of the same speed.

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    Originally posted by opivykid@10 November 2003 - 21:14
    Compaq Presario PC
    dont compaq use special ram, i know they used to

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