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Thread: Quick Bittorent Question

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    I have the original bittorent right now but I just downloaded Shadow. Do I need to delete the old client from my hard drive to start using shadow?

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    no, but you probably already found that out
    the newest install of a bittorrent client becomes the default client

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    Thanks for the reply, Sorry to bother you with yet another problem but I just tried to install Shadowclient and it wouldn't let me install it. Said something about and NSS error? What am I doing wrong?

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    from here ?

    make sure your getting the top one, the rest arn't windows installer's

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    Okay now here's my problem. When I try to install Shadow's client an error comes up the says experimental_cleint.34.23424.blahblha.exe is not a valid Win32 application??????

    what do I do?

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    Save it to your hard drive then open it

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    Damn! I just saved it to the hard drive tried to open it and it did it again. Same error message and all. For some reason it seems to be d/ling unreasonably fast too. ?????????!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I just tried it, and its NOT you
    the link doesn't work, the site was down earlier, maybe hes putting up a newer version, anyone else know another place to get it, I think its been posted on suprnova a few times, guess you could try

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    Wewww....I'm relieved then...I'll look for it on Supernova real quick. If anyone knows somewhere else to get Holla!


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