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Thread: Playing A Dvd From A .bin

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    Hi I just downloaded finding nemo on 2 .bin files. I tried playing the mpg but I just hear some screachy noises I'm pretty sure it's not a fake.

    Any ideas how to play the movie?
    ( I tried quicktime realplayer winamp bsplayer wmp and videolan)
    Thanks in advance.

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    Could be a codec probem, if so.. download codec pack from kazza site or could just be a really bad copy of the film.

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    Hmm it's from sharereactor I wouldn't think so. I got the latest codecs (2.10)

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    Will it play on your software DVD player?
    I've come across movies encoded with AC3 and regular playback on Media Player can be a problem. AVICodec will identify the video and the audio. The usual screeching I've come across are when I try to watch some DivX movies without using their player.

    You can play movies in TMPGEnc and VirtualDub.

    Maybe a simple demultiplex and fool around with the audio file?

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    i can't burn dvd the file is too large

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    Originally posted by arghwashier@11 November 2003 - 08:58

    i can't burn dvd the file is too large
    Well what sizes are the files you can burn a 800mb vcd and svcds to a 700mb cd.

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    there was a .nfo file

    Ripper......: Team ViTE          Genre.........: Adventure   
    Video Codec.: XViD              Runtime.......: 100 min     
    Video Format: 2Pass 817kbits/s  Rating [IMDb].: 8.3/10 (7,446 v)
    Audio Codec.: MPEG1 AudioLayer3  Disks.........: 1CD 48x15mb 
    Audio Format: 150kbps VBR,48kHz  DVD Release...: November 4, 2003
    Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1            DivX Release..: August 13, 2003
    Frame Size..: 576x320            US Theatre Rel: May 18, 2003 
    any ideas which codecs I need and where to get them?

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    thats weird it doesn't play in videolan, sure its not a fake?
    do you have the klite codec pack

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    U don't nfos with fakes unless they are just stepping up to new levels.

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    Mate the nfo says its say you have 2 bins...strange..

    Just mount the images with something like deamon tool.Then open power dvd or windvd and select the drive.

    Or if its vcd ,svcd tri somthing like vcdgear and extract the mpeg..But You've mentioned tring the i dont know mate.

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