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Thread: Pro Evolution Soccer 3 On Pc

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    Wanted to ask ne one if they know when Pro Evolution Soccer 3 game is coming out for pc, been asking around in all the shops, and half of them didn't even know it was coming out for pc!!!

    I know the demo's out, seen it all over bittorrent and irc, but does any one have a definate release date? or has any one already got a copy of it for pc???

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    Konami of Europe has announced that Pro Evolution Soccer 3 will not only be released for the PlayStation 2, but it will also appear on the PC later this year. The game is currently in development at Konami Computer Entertainment's Tokyo studio and is the sequel to last year's Pro Evolution 2, which was released in the US as Winning Eleven 6 International in March. The PC game will be identical to the PS2 version, except that it will be capable of higher graphical detail. Both versions are scheduled for release in Europe this November.
    From Try google for more or Konami's website...

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    cheers, so looking forward 2 this game, all my m8s got ps2 n keep going on and on about how great this game is.

    I presume they got multiplayer on this, which means looks like i'll be buying rather than downloading

    oh well, should be worth it...

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    See below ;)
    I've played the demo of it on the PC and was seriously dissapointed at it :-( The control's were so unresponsive I may have well not even pressed any key's, and the graphic's were sort of chunky and it was slower than a snail :-(

    I'm praying that the final release is !ALOT! faster, more responsive and better graphic's as the Pro Evo games are brilliant :-)



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