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Thread: Homework Help

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    first all i would like to thank any1 that helos me or gives me links...

    im doin a powerpoint project on carbon 14 group (elements)
    and i need the following for the following elements


    two physical properties
    two chemical properties
    1 use for the element

    Thank You all in advance for helping me

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    i am in 4th year of a chemistry degree. i am a bit busy just now but will try and help you as much as i can, seeing as its now tuesday morning.

    carbon -physical properties, solid, lubricant, does not conduct heat or electricity. uses - burning to produce heat in oxygen, lubrication.

    silicon - conduct electricity, will melt. uses mocroprocessors, breast implants.

    germanium - doped with arsenic, gallium, or other elements for use as a transistor element. Its application as a semiconductor provides the largest use for germanium. similar to silicon is physial properties.

    Tin - metallic, conducts heat and electricity, uses tin cups.

    lead - metal, conductor, poisonous, uses - paint, pipes, hitting people with.

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    Originally posted by Rat Faced@11 November 2003 - 01:04
    Your questions answered

    see my sig too - changed it earlier today - ha ha


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