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Thread: Anyone Reccomend A .pcx Editor?

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    Does anyone reccomend a program that can save files as .pcx version 5. It is a really basic graphic format, and I'd be interested know if anyone uses a program that supports it.

    (Anyone who reccomends a program that is...I've done all the google searches, etc. and they are all really basic freeware progs and SHIT. So does anyone actually USE one and reccomend it?)

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    Irfanview can convert files to .pcx

    Freeware, with loads of plugins available.

    If that's not powerful enough for you, then try The Gimp for Windows.

    Hope that helped.

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    Thanks, just got Irfanview and it will be fine for the job.


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    This SMALL and easy program will save PCX version 5.

    Just remember to set it to version 5 when saving in the "SAVE" Dialog Box.

    Click here for the LEGAL shareware version of PaintShop Pro 4.12


    visit this page for more free stuff. It includes tips and trick with numerous tutorials!


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