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Thread: Mp3 File Checker/modifier

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    I've recently picked up several songs that have the classic problem of going all beepy, I think a synchronization problem.

    This got me thinking about all the little problems I've had with MP3s in the past. So my question is are there any great MP3 tools you use that allow you to modify the files easily or check them for erros and fix them.

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    I use EncSpot to check my MP3 files. Great little app - if you can find a copy of it.

    I'll look for a link.


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    EncSpot 2.0 Basic


    Encspot lists all MP3 files of a directory and points out the used encoder, as well as some file info.

    Encoders are recognized very well, underneath Fraunhofer, Xing and Lame versions. The user obtains a MP3 analysis which determins bad mp3s along with bitrates, frequencies, vbr and stereo-mode.

    For better orientation the files are marked with three different colors meaning the different qualities. You should better depend on the judgement of the authors.
    Practical: Like the Windows Explorer you can access many options and commands via the right-click contextmenu or drag'n'drop.

    Get EncSpot HERE.

    Hope this helps you.



    More Windows Audio-Tools can be found HERE.

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    Looks great, thanks!!!

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    Looks good!
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    Besides Encspot, i also use MP3 Utility


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