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Thread: Mp3 Cd Format

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    on the instructions of a car dvd/mp3 player says only Joliet, Romeo, and ISO 9660 formats are would i make an mp3 cd into that format....when i make a mp3 cd by just drag n dropping my mp3 files, is that in one of those forms?? wat about when i used nero and make a data file....please help

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    Yep just cut as data drag accross and cut but if you don't finish the disc and add more later the drive will only read the "more" you put on,me I always fill the disc just before you cut look under the ISO heading and you will see ISO 9660,Joliet etc.
    Why you got a problem won't it work (play) ?

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    it works but the quality is very bad...i even tried putting 1411 kbps....


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