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Thread: How Can I Share Dvds?

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    how the hell do i share my DVDs? im into Mixed Martial Arts and i have a bunch of UFC and PRIDE videos, and instructional Jiu Jitsu Videos but how do i share them??, and how do i share video games? i have a bunch of xbox games, kazza has saved me alot of money and i just want to return the favor to all you guys for sharing your files, any information you can give me will be appreciated, ive had kazza for 2 years and believe it or not, this is the first day i found out there was a message board room, thanks for your time people. Anything you need feel free to ask.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    I hope this helps. Doom9

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    ====> Before doing all this, be sure to have DivX Codecs 4 or
    higher installed on your pc - DivX is a possibility to compress films

    Ok, first you need a program to rip the whole DVD on your Hard Disk
    - a good tool is "DVD Decrypter" , just searh for it on google :)

    Ripping means saving the *.vob files on your hd. That requires
    a lot of space.

    After your saved it to your hard disk you can use a cool program,
    which I use as well, to extract video information and audio information
    and then bringing both together, called multiplexing.
    => The program is called "Easydivx" :) I can send you all the program you need
    if you cannot find them on ;)

    Easydivx also give you possibility to get two audio channels of the
    movie, e.g. german and english :)

    I user these tools to make from my favorite movies I rent in video library
    dvdrips ;)

    ~nice dreams...

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    an addition to my little tutorial above:

    you also can directly make an avi divx video from the dvd to your hdisk without
    saving whole dvd on your hd :) but I always saved it first on my hard disk ...

    ... and the option dvd --> avi hd never worked for me in Easydivx ;)

    thanks anyway, david.

    ~nice dreams...


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