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Thread: Bt Firewall Trouble

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    i'm behind a firewall but i dont know how to get passed it, i'm downloading Smackdown 5, shadows client and Zone Alarm. i'm getting speeeds under 1k/b,
    any help?

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    All I know on this is to foward ports 6881 thru 6889 or 6999. I gave up on Shadow and use Shareaza BT client now since I don't have promblems there...

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    is it possible to swap downlaods from clients? coz i'm using shadows now and i might swap to shazera or whateva its called but i'm downloadin a game, is it possible to swap without loosing my download?

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    I'de only be guessing on that one, as it wold be amongst most BT clients I think since they appear to be the same at the core, though I am not sure if Shareaza coyld resume your dl. I suggest you try Shareaza as well and see which you like better later on...

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    This was posted by JDUB87 in another post a few posts down

    firewall settings bittorrent prety nice explaine i think.

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    i was never able to swap partial dloads from bt to i deleted shareaza....i have never had a problem with shadows bt client..but tried to give shareaza a try and it failed to impress me...stick with shadows if you only need to dload from the bt network untill you get the hang of the bt network..then try shareaza after a couple of weeks..imho.......

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    Are you sure, its your firewall?

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    well what else could it be?

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    just could be a poorly shared file...this happens from time to time..
    how many peers and seeds does shadows client report you have?if both are below 10 it is possible its just a overused file at the moment..its hard to fully explain why a file dloads slow thru any p2p network.too many reasons can cause the same result.

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    well i'm downloading WWE_Smackdown_Here_Comes_The_Pain_USA_PS2-KALISTO and shadows says i have 18 peers and 5 seeds.

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