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    ok I am not the end all answer man but i have seen several things come up that are a little frustating to some folks and nerve racking to others
    so let me try and clear some things up

    1. I want this movie but what the hell is a hash you guys keep talking about?
    a Hash is the "tag" of a file (movie or what ever)
    A verified hash is exactly what it says ,meaning someone took the time to find and or create the file and calculated a hash for it meaning that it is exactly what it says it is do I download this:
    Length:822048912 Bytes, 802782KB

    well that is simple,
    Klite comes with an excellent little add on called Ksig
    open it up copy the hash (either by good ol right click copy or crtl c on yer keyboard)
    and in Ksig choose the button that says paste from clipboard
    then a little pop up will appear,click ok on it and Viola your hash is enterd and ready to download do I make and post my hash for my movie so i can share it?

    again another simple use of Ksig
    just open it(ksig) up and choose file,then browse to your movie double click it and it will appear in the main screen of ksig
    now all ya have to do is right click it and choose the option of copy sig2dat link
    there are several ways of doing this but the preferd is either
    ASimple on seperate line {example above}
    Bhybrid hyperlink
    now B requires a little bit more work on your part
    meaning before your paste the hyperlink on the boards you have to add the dohtml tags to it

    doing that you will get something like this

    Length:64574664 Bytes, 63061KB
    (for some reason it isnt showing up right here but you get the picture it makes a clickable link)
    I prefer option A just to be a pain in the ass

    dont forget to close your dohtml tag is a bin/cue and what do I do with em and there is really a movie in that crap?

    yes,there is a movie compressed in that bin file
    all answers for these type files can be found here
    and what to do with em is here
    I can't think of anything else to help out with so there ya go,hope this answered some of you guys questions that you didnt want to ask for fear of looking new
    and yeah I know this is posted on some of the other boards here but every board needs one

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    and for most questions in Movieworld go here


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