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    Just a prank phone call someone made to a record company... worth a read, I thought it was funny.

    Wind-Up Records
    Home of Creed, Evanescence, and Drowning Pool

    JH: I just downloaded some Creed MP3s illegally from the Internet, and my friend said that you guys are going to sue everyone who downloads music. Can I send you some money for them?

    WIND-UP RECORDS: [laughing] No, that's not true.

    JH: You're not going to take me to court?

    WUR: No, that's really not true. If you are worried, you should probably delete them, but we're not going after individual people. You should buy the album.

    JH: But I don't want the album, I only want a few tracks. I don't like the album.

    WUR: There really isn't anything we can do. We don't want people downloading our music, but you can't send us a check.

    JH: But I want to pay Creed for their great music.

    WUR: Yeah, I don't know what to tell you. We can't stop individual people downloading a couple of songs, but we're not going to send our legal department after you or anything. Either buy the album, but we're not accepting checks -- in fact, we're not even the ones who sell the album. We have distributors who do that.

    JH: Can you give me the address of the band? Maybe I could send Creed some money directly.

    WUR: Uh...

    JH: I also make sand art, and I could send them something like that as payment.

    WUR: Yeah, if you want to send anything to the band, you would need to send it to our office here, and we'll forward it along. But we don't send them any money.

    JH: You don't pay your bands?

    WUR: [Laughs] We don't send them money that different people send in.

    JH: I'm a Christian, like Creed, and I want to do the right thing here.

    WUR: This is kind of something that's up to you. You can buy the album, or use a service like iMusic where you can buy music online...

    JH: [Interrupting] I don't own a Macintosh.

    WUR: ...we just don't do that, and bands don't expect you to be paying for things like that.

    JH: [pause] The bands don't expect me to be paying for their music? Oh! Well, why didn't you say so!

    Like it there is a few more here site

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    You can alos get it from SuprNova


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