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    freeetextbooks (dot) com, elearning site with textbooks

    # of torrents: 5969
    # of members: 10000 (a guess based on 8000 a few months ago)
    # of seeders: 10000 (quick count, most are on the top seeded torrents, most torrents are 1 seeder)
    # of leechers: 1600 (900 on one torrent)

    pretime: n/a
    speed: 5 (big torrent was at 6000kB/sec for me, not bad, a few randoms were 100kB/sec)
    content: 6 (niche tracker, specialist content)
    overall: 6 (This is not a bad tracker at all)

    Invites: still open

    Free leech: no but bonus shop and no real monster torrents to kill ratio, think the one with all seeders/leechers is the biggest there.

    Ratio: easy but might as well be ratio free.

    Notes: textbooks with some documentaries (some cheese like " CIA's secret experiments on humans" or "Banned From TV - Police Brutality" as well). Content 6 might be too high, not sure what the overlap of content with sites like BitMe is and cant be bothered to check.

    Two pics to give you a flavour. Rules and faq is standard stuff and this is a no-frills site.

    Most seeded.

    Latest uploads.

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