Pirate-Share aka PS aka p-s

# of torrents: 8760
# of members: 10602
# of seeders: 60000 (not shown in stats, guess based on x7 seeders per torrent)
# of leechers: 800 (quick guesstimate as not shown in stats, most on latest torrents)

pretime: 3 (not really)
speed: 6 (not too bad, not an awful lot of boxes it seems but decent seed numbers)
content: 6 (even has some packs and blu ray, cant sort to count though)
overall: 6

Invites: Invite only? but invites available, and can buy them in bonus shop.

Free leech: has some free (620ish), silver, x2. Has bonus shop.

Ratio: Easy. Freeleech and lots of leechers.

Notes: This one is not too bad. Has the word externo, might link to external trackers and this would be very bad. Found it hard to sort by seeders so no biggest torrents pic, it seems to sort only on that page, tracker is in Portuguese I think. Worked out how to get all the free torrents of course

Most seeders (on first 50 torrents, clicked black triangle to sort all by seeders but it fails)


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