American Soccer Archive, sports tracker

# of torrents: 797
# of members: 2018
# of seeders: 654
# of leechers: 183

pretime: n/a (internal cappers?)
speed: 3 (occasional seedbox? mostly slow home seeders from looking at speed on site)
content: 7 (Low number of torrents but low number of possible torrents)
overall: 6

Invites: open.

Free leech: nothing, cant remember any sitewide mentioned anywhere.

Ratio: moderate? (they link to external site(s) and you get upload for seeding to them)

Notes: The definitive tracker for this niche? Their cappers seem to get a lot of US domestic and international games. Never used this so take the speed rating with a pinch of salt. Cant let a footy tracker be mentioned without saying you must join Maxxed.

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