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Thread: Exitorrent Review

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    Exitorrent, 0-day

    # of torrents: 4374 with 3792 alive
    # of members: 5502
    # of seeders: 9342
    # of leechers: 271

    pretime: 3 (not really)
    speed: 6 (a few boxes and some ok speeds, likely to max home connection, popular stuff fast, older varies)
    content: 4 (has a few packs as well)
    overall: 5

    Invites: Often open, max 5500 for open signups and is around this mark. Lots of invites available and they are in bonus shop.

    Free leech: 1988 torrents and has had sitewide. Also has bonus shop.

    Ratio: Easy.

    Notes: This is better than 95% of sites you will randomly sign up to. Is Polish.

    Newest torrents and shows swarm speeds

    Biggest torrents and catagories

    No this one is the biggest torrents

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