TorrentKit aka TK, 0-day

# of torrents: 51139 with 17948 alive
# of members: 41022
# of seeders: 20508
# of leechers: 129

pretime: 6 (seems ok)
speed: 6 (auto box mainly?, older torrents not so good, 20k seeds/17k torrents means 1 seed)
content: 6 (decent amount but no real packs, tempted to give them 5)
overall: 6

Invites: open.

Free leech: 278 torrents and bonus shop.

Ratio: Easy. You need to be careful at the start.

Notes: A decent site that needs more activity. Most of the highest snatches are a year ago. All 6's makes me think I am losing my harshness

special note: 51k torrents is just too inflated, makes this sites stats look too good, they are dead torrents that have not been deleted so I used the alive figure.

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