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Thread: Sims Cab File

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    does anyone know where i can download datacab3 file for the sims hotdate

    thanks in advance

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    Sorry I've just seen your post and noticed nobody has replied so I thought I'd give it a shot despite the fact I am a newbie myself.

    About your missing CAB file, the only way around this is to have a mate on MSN Messenger or something, who has the cab file of the version of the Sims you are using and see if they are prepared to send you it via MSN.

    Otherwise search Yahoo for 'Sims Cab File', and if that doesn't work 'Sims Cab File Warez' and see what you get.

    If all else fails I'm afraid you will have to download the whole thing again! However SUPRNOVA have a 7-In-1 Sims with all the expansions to date [ex. Makin' Magic] and I'd well advise you give that a shot, despite the lengthy download size. For someone with a connection not like mine that should be a wizz!

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    this isnt much of a help but, sometimes on warez sites you download games in part before u extract them all together if u found out which part it was from it may be easy just to download that part sepretly


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