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Thread: Filters Problem ?

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    hi, I'm completely new here
    for some reason I'm unable to even find commonly shared software like operating system, or graphic programs. I can get mp3s and a few games which I'm not really interested in.
    I've narrowed my search specifically to software, am I doing something wrong? I never changed the filters on setup.
    Also I apologize if this question has been brought up before I did search the forums on the subject but "no matches" were found.
    any help would be appreciated. and please if you would keep in mind when replying I'm BRAND NEW.

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    DO NOT narrow your search to "Software". Just leave the search field on "everything".

    Also in K-Lite options make sure not to tick the box " Filter any files that may contain viruses" as every .exe file might contain a virus.

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    hi and thanks for your reply. sorry I took so long to get back (computer locked up whil downloading recent virus definitions)
    I guess I suspected that the filters were involved. I'll try thatand I'll get back to you.
    Is there a way to tell whether there is a virus from one
    file to the next ? before downloading for example by the extensions?
    I suppose I should be able to scan the file before opening it.

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    a good AV will normally tell you before you finish the download if its a virus, but to be sure you should always scan, just to be sure
    I use avg and it always deleted virii before it finished downloading, mostly keygens and small apps have the biggest problem, but they hide them in everything

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    I may have a problem, after dowloading some e books; I now have 3 suspicious looking files with letters and numbers with a .dat extension could not virus scan
    error message stating it's a system file and cannot be opened, also I cannot delete it. any help would be gladly accepted.

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    Where are these files located?

    If they are in your Shared Folder they are just the .dat files for incomplete downloads and nothing to worry about.
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    sorry so long to get back, yes they're in my shared fileand i swear they were completed. now I don't even recall what they were I'll look I didn't think they could be moved to the shared file until completed though? and why can't I delete them?
    or scan them for viruses?

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    ok I'm an idiot you're right, they were incompleted downloads. I only disovered that when I viewed "traffic" and there were 3 files queued and searching boy do I feel dumb. I guess I'm also paranoid about getting viruses.
    thanks for your replies
    I'll now end this string


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