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    ive just downloaded matrix revelotions from bittorent, it came in a bin. file and a cue file, i have isobuster and have extracted the files, in the mpg folder there only seems to be .dat files (2 of them). how do i change this into vcd complient form?

    when i open nero to make a vcd it creates a folder called cd1 , what is supposed to go in there also.

    finally got the film and now i cant get it working!, arrrgghhh




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    easy open up nero and file-> burn image then a box pops up and you find the cue, thats it
    hit burn and it will burn cd1, do the same with cd2

    if you have the newer nero 6 its recorder ->burn image then above

    if you just want to watch it on you pc, can play bin files

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    thankyou , that was a big help



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