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    i got a compaq 7500 monitor driven by s3 graphics pro savage ddr, and windows keeps offering the update for it as 'critical' wtf? the update was listed in 'drivers' updates before i did my system restore (had installed it once, but the tray icon got on my nerves, so i dumped it ) anyone got an idea why this is critical? no 'read more' option for the update, just 'supported hardware'

    oops, this may help, got xp home on a compaq presario with athalon 2400+ and 32 meg video memory
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    Video card drivers are very serious. They are the most fragile and volatile software known to man.

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    go here to s3 and download the driver you need , it has a few versions some with icons and utility features and another that is just the driver, all whql certified do check that it is definately your driver


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