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    I was wondering if anyone used streamload? What did you think of it? Its like @ and you can like beam files to other people immediatley at high speeds. Here is an excerpt I got from another Forum:

    Well anyway I couldn't find it but its like 5.95 a month and u can send all these files and crap. Any1 use it?

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    I dont but it souns interresting.
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    would u pay?

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    ripped from their FAQ ( I believe )

    When we say the term "streamload" we are referring to
    It&#39;s a place where you pay &#036;4.95 per month for an account and they let you upload files to store for safe-keeping. If you know others that have streamload accounts you can send each other files back and forth once you&#39;ve uploaded the files to the streamload server. This comes in handy for corporate customers who must synchronize databases and other documents and materials between different locations. It also comes in handy for us&#33; lol.. also offers a free &#39;trial&#39; account with certain restrictions, namely: trial account only lasts 30 days, no file bigger than 9MB may be downloaded, total monthly downloads cannot exceed 100MB.

    Excerpted from the Streamload FAQ:

    How much does it cost?
    You can try our system for free using a freeloader account (it&#39;s logical). You won&#39;t find better prices anywhere else. A basic membership costs just &#036;4.95 a month for 1000 MB of downloads.

    What kinds of files can I store?
    You can store any and all file types on Streamload. .AVI, .MP3, .MPG, .zips, database backups, word documents, anything&#33;

    How fast can I download?
    You can download as fast as your Internet connection will allow. We do not cap download speeds.

    What&#39;s the difference between &#39;unlimited&#39; storage and &#39;unique&#39; storage?
    Unlimited storage is offered free of charge for certain types of files. The types of files eligible for Unlimited storage are judged on several criteria, including files that are downloaded frequently and files that are common to multiple Streamload users.

    Unique Storage is for files that do not meet our criteria for free, Unlimited Storage. Backups, rare MP3s that you seldom listen to, personal documents or similar types of files are likely to be stored in Unique Storage. All Download Subscriptions come with 3,000 MB of Unique Storage, and additional Unique Storage can be purchased. Streamload&#39;s storage technology is still hard at work for your Unique Storage files, and enables us to offer a lower rate and better performance than our competitors.

    What files can I host?*
    You can only host files that you have complete distribution rights to. Basically, this means any work that your brilliant mind has created entirely on its own or any work that you have received permission to distribute from the one who created it.

    Where is my Inbox Archive?
    To locate your Inbox Archive folder, click "Other Inbox Folders" link at the top of your Inbox.

    Where are all the places I can go on Streamload?
    Visit our site map to find out.

    Can I hack your site?
    Sure, but please don&#39;t be mean. Please let us know what you find.

    * "What files can I host" refers to files that you can give people direct links to so they can download them by clicking on the link or pasting the link into their browser bar or using a download manager, etc. This differs from the normal usage where you "stream" [any type of] files to other members and they download from their Inbox.

    I hope this has answered all your questions about streamload. Now let&#39;s get posting some files&#33; Smile

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    . . . . ?


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