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Thread: PiSexy down. Ex-members use this thread

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    Looks like PiSexy's been down for a day now. It's been a very reliable site for several years now so this is unusual. Anybody know anything?


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    HI!!!!! Can't believe I found you..... I googled 'darkbob pisexy' and this forum and your question appeared Have no idea what's going on..... I emailed but no reply or delivery failures (yet) ..... ..... I hope it's back up soon....I'm going through a little upload withdrawal here .. lol

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    We already have a thread for this:

    I can understand making a separate one when your site has been down for weeks, but it's only been a day.

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    I thought it was only me who was having problems accesing PiSexy ,i take it hasent been taken down for mantainace ? Ive been a member for over 7 years and never none it been down for more than 12 hours............

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    Sure if it was any other site like say my bank or Amazon or Ebay or CNN I'd be "who cares". But this is PiSexy we are talking about.


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    Pisexy has really gone downhill since they gave Princess and Crazy Tim the boot. Most days you have less than 40 torrents posted. I rarely download from there anymore. If they are out of business I certainly wouldn't be surprised.

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    I'm already going into withdrawal...I'm in stage 1 of the 5 stages of loss - denial - "this can't be happening".


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    ARGH! I don't know of any other sites like this one..... I am going nuts!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by slyjohn View Post
    ARGH! I don't know of any other sites like this one.....
    PiSexy is marked as a 0-Day tracker in the WTO. Are you sure you don't know any others?

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    Just to complement what anon said.

    WTO :

    You shouldn't have problems finding a new site to replace it if it's gone.
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