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Thread: Cd Data

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    bout 2 weeks ago, i made a cd full of certain apps for a newly installed pc...codec pack, a/v ect...ive always used roxio to burn all my stuff, cuz i like it a lil more than nero, and i never finalized the disc, so i could add more programs...i got a lil bored and decided to burn wit nero, i add a few things like nero updates and such, but when i burned it, everything was i can only see those few things in explorer....did i fawk up this cd?

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    maybe, think you should stick with nero or if you can't figurer it out stick with ez cd crappier
    I remember something about having both might screw up something, its been awhile so maybe so one can elaborate more on that

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    Grab CD/DVD Diagnostic from this link and you'll be able to see and recover anything on the disc.

    Nero and roxio use different formats and it sometimes confuses explorer when both are on the same disc.

    Edit/ oops! it's only a demo. The full version isn't hard to find though. Odays or ttdown should have it.

    This is the demo DDL just to see what's there


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