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    PiXELHD | Movie | HD | 2011
    Tracker Url: [ ]
    -- Invite Only --

    PiXELHD is a HD tracker, was made for the people who downloads the encodes of the PS3-TEAM. They were internal encoders at HDME, but decided they wanted to make their own tracker in December 2010. The user-base is small, but almost every of the PS3-TEAM encodes have been uploaded already. There are 2-3 internal encoders group including iCandy. But you will find PS3-TEAM encodes mainly.

    | Index |

    | Introduction |

    | Categories |

    | Torrents & Freeleech |

    | Forum |

    | IRC |

    Invite channel : #pixelhd-invites

    | User Classes |

    | Bonus Points System |

    | Rules |

    | Donation System |

    | Tracker Stats [8/18/2011]

    Users: 1259 | Torrents: 2091
    Ratio : Moderate | Pre : N/A
    Speed : 7 [ Many user use SeedBox ]
    Freeleech : Yes
    Seeders : 11,483
    Leechers : 227
    Seeder/Leecher Ratio : 50.58
    Bonus Point Sytem : Easy

    | Conclusion |

    There is no alternative tracker or site for you except PiXELHD, if you are a PS3-TEAM movie lover. This a tracker for persons who like PS3-TEAM encodes, or watches their movies on a PS3, as no converting is needed once the movie is downloaded.
    Few torrents are not well seeded. Most of the torrents are uploaded on seedboxes, but that is only for a week or so. This means you will have to download the movie fast to get good speeds.
    Though they have small community, The forums are a fine place to hang out in, and the users are friendly, but it is almost the same users as on HDME.
    There are not that many movies on the site, but they are adding more and more. Good thing is they encode new movies too. But you won't have that many options too choose from, as there are only a few teams which uploads to the site.

    PS3-TEAM, PiXELHD & HDMU ...
    PiXELHD & HDME is a good source of PS3-TEAM Encodes But there is also a DDL Site for PS3-TEAM Encodes.... U'll find Movies, TV Series, Documentaries & Animation. All of them are uploaded at Megaupload(MU).

    Another way to get them in torrents... Go and Search "PS3-TEAM" at thepiratebay, kat or Torrentz...U'll find plenty and not all of them are badly seeded...

    What so Good about PS3-TEam Encodes
    You can play them Directly in PS3...It's only 4GB and also 1080p...Can be stored easily...The file is very highly compressed so u'll find good 1080p video quality also Ac3 audio...I am an encoder and I tested their works...They are truly amaizing. And you can use splash in PC to watch the encodes But if u want understand their works, See them in PS3...


    Two of my friend also helped me to make this review, Thank you !!

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    They dont have anything special, just one more HD tracker on the net.


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