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Thread: Best P2p 4 Downloading Breakdance Videos

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    i want to download videos of breakdance competitions/championships. i've searched for them on kazaa but have yet got any results. do u know where i can d/l these stuff from?


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    You could maby try suprnova wich I dont think they will be on or just try googleing them.
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    ok. cheers triadcool.
    and btw ne one know where to download hip hop musics from?
    (before enyone say try google, im gonna try it now)

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    I download all my music from Kazaa, i dont know whats the best for hip-hop. If u really want to know maybe the ppl in Musicworld, they will know.

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    You can find some bboy clips at bboyworld
    you have to go to the forum and then register when you have done that go to the new raw footage section there you can finf the newest battles like IBE,BOTY
    but remember you have to register or else you can&#39;t go to the new raw footage section and others

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    thanks javaid B)

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    You&#39;re welcome


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